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mo-bizz is an EU funded project under the Competitiveness and Innovation Framework Programme (CIP).mo-bizz will develop a platform that will offer advanced mobile services and business applications, fostering the use of existing network infrastructures.The mo-bizz vision is to launch a European cloud platform for business apps, to build a strategic global approach to the mobile cloud, and to forge efficient cooperation that creates a vibrant community of developers.


mo-bizz Workshop 22nd October 2015


The mo-bizz team have published a series of case studies documenting pilot implementations executed with the collaboration of external commercial partners.

To View or download these case studies click HERE

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mo-bizz Marketplace Video

The narrated mo-bizz Marketplace video describes what the mo-bizz Markeplace has to offer whether you’re an applications developer or service provider with a short desciption of some of the applications available included in the video. Watch this video below to find out more